Registration continues and new categories opened!

As we continue in July, registration is open now for ALL categories to be a part of Rock Your Rack! We have only a few DJ/Live Musician slots still available before a wait list will be started. So be sure to get those slots before they are gone! Artists! You are up – registration is now open for artists to be a part of the RYR 2021 art show! Don’t miss your chance to get a booth!

If you want to help capture the event – we are looking for photographers to help capture the music events and venue! See the page by clicking on the side bar link for instructions on how to apply.

We are getting excited and hope you are too!

Registration Now Open!

Applications are now being accepted for Designers/Creators, Live Musicians and DJ’s. Registration for these categories closes on July 31st or when all slots are filled, whichever comes first.

Click the link in the sidebar for the category that fits your area of participation and find the link to the form for registration. If you have any questions, please contact Jamee Sandalwood inworld.

Theme for 2021 Announced!


Rock Your Rack 2021 is getting ramped up for the 9th year on the grid!  Hard to believe it’s been that long already, and we are excited about our theme and decorating ideas for this year’s event.  Our theme is  “A New Beginning”.  The team felt this was appropriate given all the changes that have happened in our world over the last year, as well as the changes that an individual encounters during their Breast Cancer journey.   We are going to save the decor for a surprise later – but know it’s going to be our best build yet.  We are working on getting registration forms ready for all the different levels and our timeline – so you will see huge changes here on the website coming very very soon!

2021 Donation Website is up and Running!

As we move into a new year, we have a new donation portal for the 2021 Rock Your Rack season.  We have set our donation goal at $2500 USD once again and hope to fly past that in our 9th year doing Rock Your Rack in Second Life.  The registrations for the event will open this spring and we will start all the planning very soon to bring you an even better even in 2021.  Thank you all for supporting the event.   Here is the new portal for this year:

Process Credits Have Begun

It takes a couple of months each year to get all of the funds out of SecondLife with the limits on process credit transactions now that Linden Labs and Tilia have placed on us. But we want you to see and know that the process has started to get the funds out of SL to donate and complete the total donation for this year. Like we said over $2500USD is already been donated by people outside of SL that have made the donations into the portal. The remainder will be donated as the funds arrive out of Second Life and will be completed in just over 45 days.