Sim Sponsor has been named!

We are pleased to announce that Digital Farm System has selected to be our Sim Sponsor for the 2019 event! Their second year with Rock Your Rack leads to exciting possibilities for not only decoration of the sim, but a partnership for fundraising that will see special items created just for the event, areas decorated using their systems and lots more. We are pleased they are joining us for their second year and have decided to work with us to make this event amazing for all who come and visit. Thank you to Digital Farm System! Be sure to visit their mainstore location at: while we wait to see what they have in store for us at Rock Your Rack 2019!


Designer Registration is NOW OPEN!

Rock Your Rack Designer Registration is NOW OPEN! We already have over 25 designers signed up to participate in this year’s Event, and the landing point booths are close to being sold out already! Don’t wait if that is what you have your eye on for an upgrade! Reminder that packages are a “a la cart” system, where you can pick and choose the upgrades you feel best suit your business model. We have regular, medium and large booths available in several locations including the coveted landing point booths, and booths by the music venue. We are looking for designers/content creators from all areas of Second Life, so be sure to sign up! All the proceeds of the event support the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Click here for a direct passage to the designer page with all the information and a link to the registration page.

Designer Registration Opens May 1st!

Wow! It’s hard to believe it’s time to start working on this year’s event! So to start it off, Designer/Creator registration opens on May 1st. All packages are laid out on the designer page here on the blog and the link to register on that page will be functional beginning on May 1st. If you have any questions, please send a NC to Jamee Sandalwood inworld and she will be happy to assist you. Let’s “Celebrate Diversity” in SL and our world.

Link to the designer page – CLICK HERE

2019 Theme has been Chosen!

We are getting close to time for registration to open for this year’s 7th annual event! The theme has been chosen for this year and is…..CELEBRATE DIVERSITY….. ! We want to celebrate the diversity of Second Life and reach all areas of second life with this event. So let’s start thinking about that and how you can be involved to celebrate the diversity of Second Life.

Rock Your Rack 2019 Seeks Media Partners!

Rock Your Rack 2019 presented by Models Giving Back is rapidly approaching. This year’s two week event will take place from October 5 – October 19, 2019.

The theme for our 7th Annual Event is “Celebrate Diversity”.

As always we will have a variety of fashion related and entertainment related activities as well as art. Our goal this year is to create areas within the event for different walks of Second Life and the diversity represented by each of them. This is not just a women’s fashion event!

We are currently looking for Media Partners to partner with us to make this year’s event a success and outdo our $2000USD donation from last year to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

There is no fee to be a media partner for this event, all we ask is that you help us with the following items:
1. Spread the word in April when registration opens for the event – this can be via FB, social media, an AD in your publication, inworld groups
2. Advertise leading up to the opening of the event – Place our monthly RYR AD (it changes month to month) from April through October into your publication.
3. Spread the word in social media, and inworld groups upon opening of the event.
4. Anything else you feel would be helpful to our fundraising efforts – interviews, articles etc. We will provide you early access on Media Day as well for photos.

In Exchange for this – we as Rock Your Rack/MGB will provide the following for you –
1. Listing as Media Partner on our official website
2. Placement of your Logo on ALL official AD’s for the 2019event (can’t promise this will happen for partners joining after July 31)
3. Placement of your Magazine/information giver at the Landing point of the event
4. Mention in the opening of all fashion shows held during the event as a media partner
5. Placement of your Logo in The shopping areas/runway/DJ Dance Party areas on media partner designated boards.

If you have questions, please contact Jamee Sandalwood for more information.

Thank you for your consideration and assistance with this very worthy cause –
Jamee Sandalwood
Models Giving Back CEO
Rock Your Rack Founder