Rock Your Rack Second Donation Made

The Second donation from Rock Your Rack 2015 has been made in the amount of $430 dollars making the full amount donated from Rock Your Rack 2015 $2430. Thank you all for a wonderful year and look forward to Rock Your Rack 2016. Registration will open in June 2016 for the event which will run from Oct. 1 – Oct. 15, 2016.


Nominated for AVI Choice Award 2015

We are so honored to have been nominated by you the fans for an AVI choice award 2015 in the category of FAVORITE FASHION EVENT. We are so pleased that you liked the event enough to nominate us for this honor. Voting opens on November 12th sometime before midnight and closes on Dec. 1st at 3pm. So be sure to go and vote for all your favorites in all of the categories.