First Draw out for Donation is Being Processed

Finally we were able to pull out the first part of the donation for this year. We cannot pull the entire amount out at once since LL changed their policy on us and will not increase the amount we are allowed to pull out monthly even after appeal. So here is the first process credit amount – which should make it into our paypal account in about two days. I will post the donation receipt here as well as soon as the donation is processed.

Special Donation Recognition

We at Rock Your Rack 2017 would like to thank and recognize two very special donation partners this year! We had a few sims ask to have our donation jars on their sims for the month of October and they collected as well. Special Thank you to:
Daddy’s Secret Garden who collected $22,000L which is $90 USD

River Rock Club who collected $7,900 L which is $33 USD

You both helped us reach our $1000 USD donation we are making to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and we thank you for being partners with us this year!