Totals for 2019

What an amazing year! Thank you all for your support, your participation and your funds! We had one of our best year’s ever for donations and the final total was $706,798L which is approx $2700 USD before all the fees to get it from Second Life to Paypal to make the donation. After all is said and done will be donating approximately $2500 USD! Wow! That is well over our goal of $2000USD for this year. So thank you to everyone that is a part of this process. Above is the screenshot of the total at closing on October 19th. Below is the photo of the Lindex sell transactions and what they netted. Due to restrictions on our account placed by Linden Labs, we will have to remove the amount in small chunks and make the donations. By the end of November it should all be donated. We will post the donation receipts here for the donations once they have taken place.

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