Final Donation is being processed

Today I’m happy to report that we were able to have our limits for withdraw increased to meet the full total of the donations for this year! Hurray! So I have of course started the process of getting the remaining amount to donate out of SL. Here is the documentation for you.

Rock Your Rack 2021 Is In The Books!

What an amazing year! We blew our previous record for donations out of the water by over doubling the amount we will be donating this year. $4400 is already in the online portal, from direct donations by people through some of our fundraising partners.

Inworld we raised over 1 Million Linden! That is approx $3800 USD after all the fees associated with removing the funds from SecondLife to donate.

here is the total just two hours before close –

My account still has a limit on it even though I ask every year if they would allow me to remove it all at once and donate it, and that never seems to be allowed. So, having said that, the first removal is already in process to add to the portal :

As soon as the donation is made – usually takes about a week – I will post that receipt here. It will be going into our portal with the NBCF.