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Kultivate is pleased to curate the Rock Your Rack Art Show for 2017! Below are the terms and guidelines, as well as the application if you would like to be a participating artist:

Thanks for your interest in participating in the Rock Your Rack Charity Art Show! Rock Your Rack raises money for The National Breast Cancer Foundation, which provides free mammograms and screenings for women. This years event and art show will take place September 30 to October 14, 2017.

Info about Rock Your Rack:

Approval letter from The National Breast Cancer Foundation:

Please read the terms and requirements before signing up:

-You will be required to have 2 new and original art pieces in vendors that are set to 100% Rock Your Rack
-You will be allowed 10 prims to set up art work in your display area
-All items must follow the Second Life TOS and Community Standards
-All items must be moderate/mature/PG/G in rating, NO adult themed art
-All items must be priced a minimum of 250L’s (you can price the pieces higher)
-No auto group joiners, chat spammers, or announcers (you are allowed a touch group joiner)
-No particle machines or hovertext
-You must join our rezz group to rezz
-You must put all charity items in our vendors
-3D arists will be allotted a space in the sky to rezz their items via a platform for viewing
-All 3D artists are allotted 100 prims

Rock Your Rack 2017 Artist Registration Form