Art Show and Raffle by Kultivate Magazine

Kultivate is pleased to curate the Rock Your Rack Art Show for 2018!  This years Rock Your Rack will take place September 29, 2018 to October 13, 2018.

Rock Your Rack is returning for 2018! Rock Your Rack raises funds for The National Breast Cancer Foundation. This charity provides breast cancer support, including free mammograms! Kultivate is proud to be the curator again for this year’s art show! If you are a 2D or 3D artist and would like to raise money for a special cause, continue reading and fill out the form.

-As this is a charity event, all behavior, art, conduct, and avatars must follow the Second Life Community Standards and the Second Life TOS.
-All items must be PG/G/MODERATE/MATURE in nature
-NO nudity or adult themed items are allowed
-All art work must be of your own intellectual property
-All spaces are free of charge
-All spaces are first come, first serve
-All 2D artists will be given 70 prims to set up their exhibitions
-All 3D artists will be given 100 prims to set up their exhibitions
-No poofers, automatic group joiners, or chat spammers or announcers are allowed
-You can have 1 touch group joiner
-No distracting hovertext
-No advertising of other charity events
-No other charity donation items or personal donation kiosks
-No music players or sound makers
-All prims must be phantom
-All walls must be see through on the backs
-Please note that only the artist will have access to the sim and the group to rezz
**This years Rock Your Rack theme is music throughout the ages. For the art show our area will be a 1950’s sock hop/diner area. Your art work DOES NOT have to fit this theme**

-All participating 2D artists must have a minimum of 2 NEW pieces of art work in the official Rock Your Rack vendor. These items will be set to 100% to the charity
-The minimum price of these 2 pieces must be a minimum of 250Ls (you can price them higher)
-All participating 3D artists must have a minimum of 1 NEW piece of 3D art work in the official Rock Your Rack vendor. This item will be set to 100% to the charity
The minimum price of this piece of artwork must be a minimum of 500Ls (you can price it hgher)
-All artists must either participate in the Rock Your Rack Hunt or the Art Show Raffle (you can participate in both if you prefer)

**Click to register for the Rock Your Rack 2018 Art Show & Raffle**