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Rock Your Rack is a little different event than your typical fashion event. Therefore, the expectations for bloggers is a little bit different than most events. We expect our bloggers to help get the word out for our musical events, press releases and other things which will not require you to style or set up a shot etc. So please understand this when you see the number of posts we are expecting. It may seems like a lot for a two week event, but some of the posts are given to you and all you have to do is post it as is. Be sure to read all of the information below before you blog for our event. Those that are accepted and do not post the early press releases will be dropped before the blogger list is given to the designers to send items out.

Blogger group assignments will be announced in early September – each blogger will be assigned to one these three: A, B and Elite.

◾Bloggers will be required to fill out a form in Google docs for each post done for the event.
◾Bloggers will be asked to make one pre-event post Between Sept. 1 – Sept. 15
◾Bloggers will make a minimum of two pre-event item posts between Sept. 16 – Sept. 29
◾Bloggers will advertise the 10L Hunt and one-of-a-kind item Silent Auction a minimum of 1 time during the event
◾Bloggers will be split into two groups each covering 1/2 of the total designers signed up to participate (typically we have 60+ total) items may be fashion or home/garden/decor
◾Bloggers will be expected to cover a minimum of 15 of the designers they are assigned to cover in as many posts as needed to cover the 15 items. Multiple items may be represented in a post as long as images for each item are clear and designers are clearly represented.
◾Because we are splitting up the designers and also because of the quantity of designers in each pool, the blogger will be expected to be creative and weave items into their personal style. We will not accept the excuse that items do not fit into the bloggers personal style as a reason for not blogging the required number of items.
◾Bloggers will need to be in the Rock Your Rack Group for the duration of the event and be expected to check the group daily for notices and items to blog. Items will be sent in the group and directly at the discretion of the designer.
◾ A limited number of “Elite” bloggers will be selected to cover the Platinum and Gold Sponsor designers. These bloggers will focus on covering all of these sponsors and the others in either group A or B as time permits.

Link to Blogger Application – Click Here

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