Theme for 2021 – A New Beginning

Items created for this event do not have to specifically fit a breast cancer theme or the “new beginning” theme. The theme will be used for decorating and the general aura of the event.

Link to Register for RYR 2021: CLICK HERE
Registration only open for returning designers until May 1st – then open for new applications
If you apply before that time your registration will be held until current ones are processed.

Requirements for 2021:
1 – Exclusive item – an item that is not for sale anywhere else during the time of the event and has never been sold by you or given away by you previously. It must be new.
Designer keeps 100% of sales of Exclusive Item
1 – Limited Edition Item – Gives 100% to the charity – this is to be marked clearly as a 100% donation item in your booth, and can be a remake of an old favorite or a new item if the designer prefers. This item will be retired after this event.
1 – 10L Hunt Item – Gives 100% to the charity – can be any item of the designer’s choosing.
1) You must make your own product (mesh) or visibly alter templates to make them your own. Simple re-texture of a known template will not be accepted for this event. (altering means adding something to the template ie: ruffle, bow, ribbon that isn’t part of the template normally, or including other pieces such as a jacket or shrug, or combine two different ones for a set).
2) Gachas are allowed, but they are not considered your exclusive or limited edition items for this event.
3) Everyone must be set up by Wednesday, September 29, 2021 at 6 PM SLT. If you are not set up by this time, you are assessed a late set up donation to unlock your booth and be allowed to set up.
* Media will have access to the event Friday, October 1 all day. Sponsor groups will have 12 hour assigned early access on either Thursday, September 30 or Friday, October 1.
4) On October 1st, early access will be granted to the Major Sponsors Groups, Bloggers, and Media Partners only.
5) Designers must stick to their prim limit. Additional prims may be purchased for an additional donation amount. Prims must remain inside your assigned booth.
6) Registration fees are due and payable upon receipt of your acceptance and confirmation. Payments are to be made to ModelsGivingBack Resident . Registration Fees must be paid within 7 days of acceptance or your registration will be cancelled. Payment arrangements will be made on a case by case basis. Please ask before your register if you will need an arrangement.
*Refunds may be given in extreme circumstances and are up to the discretion of the event organizers. HOWEVER no refunds will be given after August 31st for any reason.
***Do NOT send any booth fees until you have been accepted, upon which instructions will be given on how to pay fees.
7) You will need space for a group. Only members of this group will be permitted on the sim during set up times. We do have a separate update group that is where demos can be sent – addition to this group is optional, only the rez group will be required.
8) All prims must be located on the inside of your store. We will place your logo on the outside.
9) Limited script usage is ALLOWED. The only scripts allowed for this event are: NETWORKED VENDORS, SIMPLE SPLIT SCRIPT AND GACHA SCRIPT. Please do not place scripted subscribos, group joiners, note givers, or landmark givers in your store. These will be returned. It is possible for you to give notecards and landmarks by placing the items in a box and setting the box for sale for 0L. No hover-texts, or texts on a vendor that show through a wall into the adjoining booth will be tolerated. Performance Scripts should be used with Caspervendors or other vendor systems to minimize lag.
10) To help cut down on lag, we ask that all items placed in your store be set to phantom if possible. Please do not rez mesh items to act as your vendor, they will be returned to you.
11) The sim rating will be moderate. However, we are asking that care be exercised to not offend potential guests to the event with material that is adult in nature. . This means all vendors must have private parts covered and there should be no photos of anything obviously sexual in nature.
12) Rock Your Rack has official bloggers for the event. We ask but do not require that you send your new releases for the event out to the official bloggers either through group notices OR personally.
13) No copyright infringement material is allowed. If found in violation of this, your items will be immediately returned to you, with the strong possibility of also being removed completely from the event.
14) Stores are filled on a first come first served basis. If we have too many applicants, you will be placed on a waiting list in the order you signed up. We will try to accommodate you as much as possible but with the number of creators that SL has, it will be difficult to make everyone happy. We do realize this and we would like to apologize in advance if you do not get the exact placement that you hoped for. We do have options available for additional donation for prime locations near the landing point and the entertainment venues.

———– Pricing——————-
Basic Package – all participating designers will start with this package and add options below as needed.
*Regular size booth approx. 5m X 8m (size subject to change once build is done)
– 50 prims to set up vendors/decorate as you wish.
*Designer Logo will be on assigned booth, and will appear on the event blog in the
designer gallery on the main page and designer page. Link to your inworld store
will appear after designer registration closes.
*Designer will provide 1 exclusive item for the event – designer will keep 100% of the
sales of this brand new, never released before item.
*Designer will provide 1 Limited edition item at 100% donation to the cause. This can
be a remake or update to an existing favorite item, and would only be available
during this event. It should be retired at the close of this event.
*Designer will provide one 10L Hunt Item at 100% donation to the cause, this can be
any item the designer wishes to provide, previous item or new at the discretion of
the designer.
*All other sales of other items – designer keeps 100% of the sales unless they
choose to set a donation percentage to the cause. Designers discretion.
*Event Advertising on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Pinterest, and inworld groups along
with our website. Paid advertising through Seraphim and other outlets if approved
by those outlets.

In addition to the Basic Package Listed Above – you may choose any or all of the following add-on options to maximize your exposure in this event.

Upgrade to a Medium Booth with 100 prims (approx. 10 X 10) – $2500L additional
– still in the main booth shopping areas

Upgrade to a Landing Point Location: **limited number available**
– Medium Booth (Approx. 10 X 10) (near the landing Point) – 125 Prims $ 5,000L additional
– Large Booth (Aprox. 15 X 15) (near the landing point) – 200 Prims $10,000L additional

Upgrade to a booth adjacent to the Music Venue: **Limited number available**
– Medium booth (Approx. 10 X 10) (near the Music Venue) – 100 Prims $4,000L additional
– Standard booth (Approx 6 X 8) (near the Music Venue) – 50 prims $2,500L additional

Late Set Up (after 6pm on Wednesday, September 29th, 2020)
– $1,000L

Having your Exclusive or Limited Edition Item in a collaborative Fashion Show:
– $250L additional per item
**Guarantee of 1 show with possibility of more**

Solo Fashion Show of upto 18 of your items: **limited number available**
– $5,000L additional

Sponsor – $10,000L Additional **limited number available**
Open to any established business within SL – does not have to have a booth here at the event.
* Your logo/billboard is placed at the landing point where it will receive traffic from
everyone tping into that sim. You will be allowed to place a script in your
logo/billboard that will either do ONE of these things: join a specific group, give an
LM, link to blog or MP….your choice.
* Your logo placed on all promotional material for the event.
* Your name listed as a sponsor in all press releases.
* Your personal business group invited to a 12 hour early access. (This is a great way
to promote your group and gain some extra members!)
*This does not come with a booth upgrade, this is an advertising upgrade only. Booth upgrades are separate.

Event Sim Sponsor – **only 1 available** $90,000L (SOLD OUT!)
Open to any established business within SL – does not have to have a booth here at the event.
*Brand Name shown as an event partner on the region title with Rock Your Rack
*Logo and URL Link displayed on the top of the sponsor area on the sidebar of the Rock
Your Rack Blog/website
*Logo in large size on all promotional ads for the event
*Logo placed at every entertainment venue for Rock Your Rack 2020
*Brand mentioned by every Musician, event, fashion show for Rock Your Rack 2020
*Logo board at the landing point that will allow people to click to a website, join a group,
or give a LM…..your choice
*Your personal business group invited to a 12 hour early access.
*This comes with a Large booth at the landing point and 200 prims allowance.

If you have any questions prior to registration, please contact Jamee Sandalwood via NC and your question will be answered as soon as possible.
Thank you all for your support of this very worthwhile cause

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