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Link for Live Musicians to Register for a performance time slot: CLICK HERE

Link for DJ’s to Register to host a DJ Dance party: All Dance Parties have been spoken for at this time

Link for Fashion Show DJ’s to Register: All Fashion Show Positions have been filled

September 30 – October 14, 2017

This 5th annual fundraising event combines SL Designers (all are welcome), SL Music, SL Artists and SL entertainment into one 14 day event to raise funds and awareness for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Coordinated and managed by Models Giving Back, SL’s premier charity modeling agency, this event not only is a success in terms of raising funds for the charity, but also in promoting musicians, DJ’s, artists and designers to new customers and fans that may not have known about them before. All of those who participated last year expressed very positive results from being a part of this event.

The event will feature booths for shopping, a 10L hunt, silent auction, live performances from Live Musical Artists, DJ dance parties, an art exhibit by our participating photographers/artists and lots more!

The time has arrived for registration to open for the 2017 event. We have several opportunities for involvement with this year’s event, and all registrations will occur online through the links above.

The following categories of involvement are now open for registration!
*Live Musicians
*DJ’s – Dance Party Hosts & Fashion Show DJ’s

Any questions about the event should be directed to Jamee Sandalwood, CEO of Models Giving Back who is coordinating the event.

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    • Musician Registration will open in Late June/Early July for musicians who want to be involved to sign up. Keep checking back at rockyourrack.wordpress.com for details. There is a musician page and we also will post it on the MOD at log in for firestorm as well when it happens. Thank you!

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  4. I would like to perform at RYR! I do audience participation dance shows. I have performed at Burn and in Avilion. May I apply?

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