First Donation Made for 2019

Since we are limited in the amounts we are able to pull out of SL in a given time period, here is the first donation that has been made to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. We will continue to make the donations as we are allowed to pull funds out of SL and make the donations until the total amount has been made.

Totals for 2019

What an amazing year! Thank you all for your support, your participation and your funds! We had one of our best year’s ever for donations and the final total was $706,798L which is approx $2700 USD before all the fees to get it from Second Life to Paypal to make the donation. After all is said and done will be donating approximately $2500 USD! Wow! That is well over our goal of $2000USD for this year. So thank you to everyone that is a part of this process. Above is the screenshot of the total at closing on October 19th. Below is the photo of the Lindex sell transactions and what they netted. Due to restrictions on our account placed by Linden Labs, we will have to remove the amount in small chunks and make the donations. By the end of November it should all be donated. We will post the donation receipts here for the donations once they have taken place.

The H-Bomb Lounge lends some help to Rock Your Rack!


DJ SQWRL (aka Haley Maruti) held a three-hour long Rock Your Rack 2019 fund-raiser event Saturday October 19th which raised a grand total of 101,681 linden for the cause!

DJ SQWRL performs every Saturday night at The H-Bomb Lounge along with many other great DJs that play every weeknight from 6 pm to 9 pm SL time! The club is going on NINE wonderful years in operation with no signs of slowing down!

If you want to visit, the club can be found here:

Or you can join the VIP group here!


Final Days at Rock Your Rack

The final two days at Rock Your Rack were just as epic as the first two. Amazing musical performances from an array of DJ’s, live musical performers and our final tribute band of the event Linkin Park presented by TDDI productions. It was a wow performance for sure as the light show presented by concert stage designer Brad Tylman wow’d the crowd and closed the event in style. If you missed this year, be sure to mark your calendars for next year. All who were here now know that Rock Your Rack is the place to be while it is open. We have the best performers of any place on the grid and it’s all for an amazing cause!

Lapointe & Bastchild Gift Cards Join the Event!

Lapointe & Bastchild has joined us for a final push to meet our fundraising goals for 2019! We thank them for donating some gift cards of various denominations for the event. All of these are available at the musical events happening on Friday and Saturday as we wind up the event. Some of them will be in a free raffle board and given out at random, but the larger ones are located inside auction boards at our Concert Venue waiting for bidders to bid on them! The highest bidder on Friday night will win a $2500L Gift card and on Saturday night it’s $5000L! Both are already active and waiting for your bid. Winner need not be present to win, but will have to come back and pick up their item from the vendor after they win and no later than Monday, October 21st.

Lapointe & Bastchild also have a very special free give a way located in our shopping area involving their amazing Evocative Floral designs. Pick up your free hair flower or boutonniere featuring a beautiful pink lily in their booth.

We want to thank Bastchild Lotus and the entire staff at Lapoint and Bastchild for helping with our event and this final push!

Be sure to visit the Lapoint & Bastchild mainstore as well after you visit the event!